Leverage best-in-class computer vision to identify equipment defects, inventory asset components and more.

What is Inspector Cloud?


Climate change poses new risks for electric utilities. From more frequent and intense storms to droughts that create wildfire-friendly conditions, it's now more critical for utilities to ensure that grid assets are adequately maintained and resilient.

As a result, utilities are beginning to adopt new methods of asset inspection and response such as piloting drone missions. But this approach generates massive amounts of imagery and video that need to be manually analyzed to find key issues - a very costly and inefficient process.

AI can help. Inspector Cloud leverages purpose-built artificial intelligence to automatically surface issues that require attention at scale - enabling both faster remediation and risk reduction while significantly reducing cost.


Review AI-Detected Equipment Defects

AI-Detected Equipment Defects

Equipment defects that are detected via Inspector Edge can be reviewed in detail in Inspector Cloud's intuitive user interface. Additionally, create your own custom annotations to indicate other problem areas.

AI-Detected Asset Inventories

An itemized list of each asset's components are available for further review in Inspector Cloud. This information can be synced with existing GIS system data as well.

Customizable Dashboards

Know exactly which assets need the most attention and why via Inspector Cloud's customizable dashboards.

Immutable Audit Logs

Every action that a user takes is written to an immutable audit log, ensuring maximum compliance defensibility.


Expedite Review

Expedite Inspection Data Review

Inspector Cloud can identify equipment defects in inspection images and video up to 80% faster than manual methods.
Reduce Cost

Reduce Review Cost

Because you're able to identify problem assets much more quickly with Inspector Cloud, you'll be able to reduce total review cost by up to 60%.
Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Faster issue identification means a shorter time to action. Leverage Inspector Cloud to help mitigate the risk related to defective grid assets.

Keep Existing Inspection Processes

Inspector Cloud is data source agnostic, meaning you're able to use it with either data collected via Inspector Edge or you can bring your own data.

Ensure Data Privacy

Built on Google Cloud, data in Inspector Cloud are encrypted by default, both in-transit and at-rest. Optionally, you can provide your own encryption keys as well.

Deploy Anywhere

Inspector Cloud is available in Noteworthy AI's Google Cloud instance by default, but also supports deployment to your private cloud tenent or on-premise.