Real-time Inspection & Inventory for Distribution Assets

Supplement existing fleet vehicles with proprietary computer vision AI to automatically identify equipment defects, inventory components & more.


Inspect and inventory faster while reducing O&M costs

Threats from extreme weather and the increased adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) require that electric utilities get smart about proactively mitigating risk on the distribution grid. These mitigations generally entail inspection and inventory of grid assets, but current methods are ill-suited for the task, requiring dedicated vehicles and crews - a process that is entirely manual, extremely costly and too slow.

Noteworthy AI's solution, Inspector™, reduces the need for dedicated distribution asset inspections and mitigates risk at-scale while reducing cost. The Inspector hardware sensors and AI edge processing arrays mount on existing fleet vehicles and automatically geolocate, inventory, and identify pole-top component defects while vehicles perform routine operations, reducing the need to mobilize dedicated inspection teams. inspector edge

Inspector Edge

Use existing fleet vehicles to inspect and inventory assets in the field

Inspector Cloud

Expedite the analysis of asset inspection imagery at a low cost in the Cloud
Inspector Cloud

Increase distribution asset reliability, resiliency & safety

Inspector™ enables electric utilities to reap the reliability, resiliency and safety benefits of at-scale inspection and inventory - on the distribution grid.
Inspector's benefits include:
  • Identify issues faster & mitigate risk
  • Enrich and update asset inventories
  • Reduce O&M costs
  • Convert travel time in active inspection
  • No impact on crew duties
  • Leverage existing fleet vehicles
use cases

Enable Infrastructure Intelligence across a variety of use cases

Inspector™ can significantly accelerate asset defect detection and inventory while reducing O&M costs across multiple use cases.

Distribution Pole Inspection

Automatically identify defects in pole equipment such as leaking and corroded transformers, broken lightning arresters, pole damage and more.

Distribution Pole Inventory

Automatically inventory pole components such as insulators, cutouts, transformers, lightning arresters, and pole composition, while capturing the geographic coordinates of each pole.

3rd Party Attachments

Assess 3rd party pole attachments to better understand existing equipment configurations, and to speed the process of permit application review.


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